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   Since 1771  

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Estancia La Loma’s earliest records date back to 1573, after Jeronimo Luis de Cabrera passed through these lands on his way to founding the city of Cordoba. Later, his son Pedro bought these lands and made them flourish in what was then called the Estancia de San Esteban del Totoral, located on the Camino Real al Alto Peru. Part of that large property later became Estancia La Loma, which then belonged to the Allende family from 1771 to 1946. That year, journalist and politician Roberto Noble, founder of the Clarin newspaper and designer of Argentina’s Copyright Law, purchased the estancia and turned it into a model agricultural establishment. Noble brought the telephone service and the electricity system to Villa del Totoral, and transformed La Loma into a cultural, political, and agricultural reference center. Mr. Noble died here peacefully in 1969, and since then his daughter Guadalupe Noble protected and guarded his legacy, preserving the property as an oasis and calm place in Northern Cordoba where its guests and visitors come to rest and relax.

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Each of the rooms at Estancia La Loma has a unique story. They all have a fireplace, private bathroom, and air conditioning. Some are ensuite, with large bathtubs typical of the mansions from last century.





Enjoy a relaxed breakfast, with coffee, tea, milk, fresh orange juice, homemade breads and jams, fruit salads and delicious scrambled eggs with bacon.


The estancia has free Wi-Fi internet connection in the common areas and a good 4G telephone coverage. There is also a smart TV.

The garden

The estancia is framed by an elegant rural landscape laid out in a splendid 6-hectare park, surrounded by another 20 hectares that isolate the property from the town and its noises.


The rooms are cleaned when guests are having a drink, or lunch, or dinner, respecting their privacy as much as possible.

The swimming pool


The property has a beautiful swimming pool (15 x 8 meters) which is part of an old water system built more than 100 years ago. The pool is open from October to March.

Special services

From the moment guests make their reservation, we take care of personalizing and tailoring their stay, based on their tastes and special requirements.





How to get here

The estancia is located one hour north of Cordoba City, along National Route 9N. It is located 78 km (48 miles) from Cordoba’s International Airport.

Historical sites

Located on the Camino Real, the town of Villa del Totoral has more than 400 years of history, with mansions that are more than 100 years old, and a well-known tradition in Northern Cordoba.


The estancia's kitchen offers unique dishes, with the typical flavor of country food and a gourmet touch. The menu is established in advance with the guests.

Outdoor activities

You can take walks through the park and around the town of Villa del Totoral. A few minutes away is Cajon de Piedra, the famous local river, the ideal place to refresh in summer or to enjoy a picnic.


50 kilometers (30 miles) from La Loma there are two of the best golf courses in the province of Córdoba: Estancia La Paz and Ascochinga Golf Club.

Horseback riding 

Those who like horses have a few options: from simple walks to polo lessons or Stick and Ball under the supervision of experienced horse instructors. There is also a horse drawn carriage for inexperienced riders or mothers with babies.

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“La Loma is a unique estancia. It must be one of the most beautiful places in the north of Cordoba. We spent some unforgettable days as a family.”
(Peter M.)

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